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Pastor McCullum is a native Baltimorean.  In October 1978, he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord.

He was anointed and ordained by God to preach the gospel, and then licensed to the gospel ministry in 1996 at the First Baptist Church of Cherry Hill.  He is joyfully married to Lady Toni McCullum, and is the father of one son.

He was ordained at the Shiloh Baptist Church of Baltimore County while serving the vision and leadership of Bishop Heber M. Brown II. Pastor McCullum has had extensive theological studies at Baltimore School of the Bible as well as the United Baptist College and Seminary.  In addition, he is a graduate of the PCIF Minister's Institute. 

Pastor McCullum has preach in various places in the country. He taught in workshops, seminars and retreats. He pastors, preaches, teaches and lives his life passionately. He has an unique way of ministering cross generationally, as well as to the church andnon-churched.      

By the grace of God, Pastor McCullum has been serving the Timothy Baptist Church since November 2007.  It is here, where God has led him to expand the church's vision and advanced the kingdom of God along with the faithful members of Timothy.  Our vision, as we carry out the mandate and message of the kingdom is to make disciples.  To that end, the vision has pushed the Timothy Baptist Church beyond the church walls to bridge the spiritual, social and economic gaps and to  help build the lives of those within the community it has been called to serve.